Degustation is a marketing tool that allows the target audience (consumers) to get acquainted with the taste properties of the product at the moment when the consumer is interested thus allwing to make a decision on the trial purchase.

At the moment the efficiency of the degustations in comparison with the advertising in the mass media is obvious, because consumers are far too over-saturated by the TV ads – for the most part it invokes rejection, rather than interest. Advertising in the mass media makes the buyer to go for the goods, but it is not quite effective for the target audience. Degustation provides an opportunity to make the goods go to the buyer, thus "capturing" the consumer at the time of the decision.

During the degustation a consumer gets an opportunity not only to taste the product, but also to get a full and reliable information about a product. In the choice of goods the consumer often is subjective, he relies on his own experience and is indecisive in the choice of other goods. Thus a consumer can buy goods of a certain type (such as cheese, bread, sausages, etc.) from year to year because they are familiar and he trusts them, so he is not paying attention to other goods. Considering this situation new products are in a particularly difficult situation, because they are unknown and have not received the trust of consumers. A degustation can change this situation helping to convince consumers that new products are better, cheaper, more healthy etc. than the ones they were used to buy. Degustations are useful both in promoting new products and strengthening the position of goods already present in the market. Degustations positively influence brand image and product recognition, which in turn promotes credibility of the manufacturer. In the future customer will have more confidence in the products from the particular manufacturer, which will allow the manufacturer to penetrate the market with new products mush easier, increasing sales at the initial stage of intruducing of the product. We offer a full range of services associated with the promotion of your product, using the extensive degustation experience. Contact us for organization and conducttion of degustations!


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